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Media Coverage/Reviews

The art critic John McEwen’s obituary of Alberto de Lacerda Acclaimed poet, artist and critic appears in the 4 September 2007 Independent.

The Portuguese poet Luís Amorim de Sousa, who inherited Alberto’s estate, wrote an obituary of Alberto de Lacerda that appears in Times Online on 27 September 2007.

The Portuguese poet and critic Eduardo Pitta wrote an obituary of Alberto de Lacerda for the Portuguese newspaper Público on 28 August 2007.

The prize-winning writer Jhumpa Lahiri was one of Alberto’s favourite students at Boston University. Her article  Closing the Circle about Alberto de Lacerda was originally published by Poetry magazine on 2 January 2008.

In March 2008 a tribute “Remembering Alberto de Lacerda” was hosted by The University Professors Program and the Humanities Foundation at Boston University. This event featured readings of his poetry and personal tributes by William Corbett, Luís Amorim de Sousa, Jhumpa Lahiri, Scott Laughlin, Isabel Pinto-Franco, Christopher Ricks, John Silber, Rosanna Warren and Marc Widershien. A video view is available at Remembering Alberto de Lacerda.

From April to June 2011 an exhibition entitled “Insolent Grace – The Transatlantic Life of Alberto de Lacerda”, was held at Poets House in New York City. This exhibition featured manuscripts, inscribed books, photographs, and works of art belonging to the estate. The inauguration featured a panel discussion presented by Stephen Motika with the participation of Luís Amorim de Sousa, David Wevill, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Christopher Middleton. A videoclip about this exhibition is available at Poets House Exhibition.

Disquiet International, an International Literary Program held annually in Lisbon since 2011, is dedicated to the memory of Alberto de Lacerda.

Scott Laughlin, one of the co-founders of Disquiet International, describes his friendship with Alberto de Lacerda in an article entitled The Strange Question of Alberto de Lacerda, which appeared in Issue 25 of Post Road Magazine in 2014.

“Towards a Bibliography of Alberto de Lacerda (1928-2007)”, by George Monteiro, Professor Emeritus of Brown University, Rhode Island, appears in the Revista de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses/Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies, No. 24, Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies, Faculdade de Ciências e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Lisbon, 2015, pp. 13-35.

The Portuguese writer and critic Eugénio Lisboa reviewed Alberto de Lacerda’s posthumous anthology Labareda for the bi-weekly literary journal Jornal de Letras, Artes e Ideias (Number 1255, 7-20 November 2018).

Alberto de Lacerda has Wikipedia pages in English and in Portuguese.