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Alberto de Lacerda, Portuguese Poet, Green Park, London, 1970s

Alberto de Lacerda, Green Park, London, 1970s

Alberto de Lacerda (Island of Mozambique, 1928 – London, 2007) was a distinguished Portuguese poet. This site evokes his life, poetry, cultural interests, and friendships. It includes publications, a sampling of his published and unpublished poetry, and a small selection of photographs and works of art from his collection. This website is a work in progress. Its purpose is to introduce you to the poet Alberto de Lacerda: his life, his work, his world of special interests and personal friendships.

Brief Bio

Alberto de Lacerda was a precocious talent. He started publishing in his teens and before he was 20 he had his first book accepted by Fernando Pessoa’s publisher. Throughout his life he gained the admiration of celebrated international literary figures and was received in the best cultural circles of his time. Professional engagements that took him out of his beloved London, returned him forgotten and embittered to a cluttered and disorderly apartment where he was found in a coma. He died in Brompton Hospital, in August of 2007. In spite of his persistent lack of funds, he managed to assemble a remarkable collection of books, manuscripts, musical recordings, photographs, and works of art. In his own often repeated words, he lived for “friendship and things of the spirit.”

The Life and Works section is devoted to Alberto’s personal trajectory as a poet, critic, and cosmopolitan man of culture.

The Poems included here provide a sampling of his published and unpublished work.

The Photos and Art in this section represent a small selection of items from his collection. 

His Legacy highlights events and publications that have taken place since his death.

The Media section includes media coverage and reviews.

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A Poem

The following poem is a translation of “Sequência”, written by Alberto de Lacerda in 1967. This poem appears in Ariel e a Luz. “Sequence” was translated by Luís Amorim de Sousa for an exhibition entitled Enchantment Will Find Me, which was held in 2016 at the National Poetry Library at Royal Festival Hall in London.

Sequence, translated by Luís Amorim de Sousa